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chabila road, Rajgir, Bihar 803116, India


Nalanda University, Rajgir, Bihar. Find phone number, address, reviews and ratings of Nalanda University

Nalanda University Reviews

Jems Princep

Nalanda University was established to emulate the ancient university of Nalanda, which functioned between the th and th centuries. The idea to resurrect Nalanda University was endorsed in at the nd East Asia Summit by the sixteen More

Angshu Sanyal kQrTdSiiTk

The remains of Nalanda University is an archaeological wonder from ancient times. The rich evidence of ancient education system in India along with architectural remains take you to that time. Visiting Nalanda University remains is like a open history book where one can feel proud to be a part of the rich heritage

Deepak Kumar Ray

Know about our history....Nalanda University is a public centralunion university located in Nalanda districts Rajgir in the state of Bihar, India. It is designated as an Institution of National Importance and excellence.

Swamy Basana

Nalanda Open University is the only University in the State of Bihar meant for imparting learning exclusively through the system of distance education. The University was established in March, by an ordinance, promulgated by the More

Inder Singh

A must visit historical site. One of the oldest universities of the world. It was residential university. We can now see the ruins of the buildings. We feel proud about the old heritage of our great country by visiting this place.


Nalanda Universityis one of the prestigious universities of India which is commanded to be an international institution for intellectual, philosophical, historical spiritual studies. The university is notable for the academic excellence More

Subhendu samanta

If you want to know Indian History, you should, you must visit here. Although many buildings are not in good condition, but archeological department of India working hard to preserve our History.

Pravin surjuse

To witness the second oldest university in the world is pure enlightenment. The infrastructure at that time amazes anybody who visits it. We Indians were truly advanced.

Kasun S. Jayasuriya

One of the best Indian international universities for study Buddhism, Buddhist Archaeology, Indian Philosophy, Management studies, environmental and ecological studies, and also historical studies. It was newly builtin . And it has the More


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